Trackman Golf Launch Monitor Available In Southern California

If you play golf in Southern California you now have a place to try out the state of the art Trackman golf launch monitor. Golf pro Steve Pratt ( is now offering lessons, practice sessions and club fittings using the most accurate launch monitor on the market.

Most people don’t realize just how valuable an accurate golf launch monitor can be for not only club fitting, but alsofor improving your swing. The Trackman Pro golf launch monitor is simply light years ahead of the competition.

Trackman Video Software Interface

With a new video software program which integrates trackman stats and visuals directly into swing videos the Trackman Pro has, in my opinion, become the ultimate golf lesson teaching aid. The Trackman provides detailed analysis of all aspects of your swing and ball flight. With the help of a top pro like Steve you can make corrections and directly see the improvements as you “fix” the numbers that Trackman is providing. There is ALWAYS an optimal swing, and Trackman, in the hands of a good pro, can lead you to it. This is why Steve has decided it is a must, and he want the local golfers to have the same technology to help them that all the top tour pros have access to.

If you don’t think you know about Trackman, you have probably seen it in action without knowing it. On many, maybe all, PGA Tour telecast you can see the Trackman in action giving player driving stats and cool visual replays of ball flights. These are all provided to the PGA by the Trackman Pro and its software interfaces.

Often when we work on our swings or take lesson we think we know what is happening, or what is wrong, but often there is a certain level of uncertainty too. When we try to correct our mistakes we think we make drastic changes, but the pro is still not satisfied. With the Trackman golf monitor being used during your lessons you will know exactly what you actually do in your swing. When you can effectively change the numbers of incorrect readings regarding your swing, you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that you are correcting the problem. Let’s say for example your angle of attack is downward with your driver. We now know this can cost lots of distance and is not optimal. With the Trackman monitoring every swing you can start to see when you are changing to an upward angle of attack. You will also see how this affects your ball flight and distance. It is truly amazing to see and will help anyone trying to improve. As one top 100 teaching pro said recently, “Practicing without the Trackman seems like a waste of time to me now”. He feels that it helps him that much to have accurate data regarding his swings.

As time goes on I will be passing on as much information on all the things Steve learns using the Trackman with his students. This should be a fun journey. I can’t wait until I can get out for a golf lesson in Los Angeles with Steve and see my numbers and start to improve my own swing with the Trackman golf launch monitor.

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