TrackMan Golf Launch Monitor – Instant Feedback Helping Players

The TrackMan golf launch monitor is showing why it is simply the best launch monitor on the market. My golf pro out in Los Angeles, Steve Pratt (you can read about him on his site has just acquired one, and he has told me some amazing stories already about how his students are benefiting from using the TrackMan.

The TrackMan Pro is great for both club fitting and analysis as well as for improving the swing. In the hands of an expert like Steve he is able to watch your shots and then combine that with the TrackMan data to get a handle on what your swing is doing. He can use the numbers to help you understand what is happening. If you are working on your swing he can give you direction on how to tweak the numbers in the data you are getting and see how it improves results. For club analysis it is amazing to see what two different drivers do when a similar swing is put on a ball, driver optimization is worth it. Steve has done work on clubs and swings with quite amazing results already and over time I think it will become apparent that this is the best way to improve your equipment AND your swing.

Steve had one of his students test golf drivers. Steve is a big fan of the Geek driver (a brand used by a lot of golfers who compete in long drive events) and has been looking at how the Geek stacks up against so of the name brand drivers. One of his students hit the ball 30+ yards father with the same swing speed using the Geek DCT (Dot Com This) versus his Taylor Made R9. The two clubs had similar loft 9.5 for the R9 and 9.0 for the Geek. This is just one example of many he has seen showing the value of optimizing your driver. 30+ yards with the same swing is simply a must for anyone! He has had a number of results like this in a short time with his students.

He has had similar success on the teaching end of using the TrackMan Pro. He is able to give students insights with the TrackMan numbers that help them picture and trust what needs to be done. When an optimal number for a key stat on the TrackMan is asked for they can feel their way to the number with instant feedback coming on every swing. No guessing any more. Or not quite believing what the pro is telling them. People are fairly quickly finding their way to the good numbers and really getting a feel for how to improve their swing. The instruction makes more sense and the feedback from the data really helps. Of course you need an expert like Steve still as he deciphers the numbers and gives you swing instruction to help you improve the data, and thus your swing. Simply awesome, very cool, and it works!

I’ll be getting out to LA soon and can’t wait to work with Steve AND the TrackMan to get a taste of all this good stuff that is going on out there.

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