The Trackman Pro golf launch monitor is, simply put, the state of the art golf launch monitor available today. Anyone in the Los Angeles area who would like to swing and get readings from a Trackman Pro will be able to do so by contacting Steve Pratt. Steve runs the website www.hititlonger.com where you can find out more about how the Trackman Pro can help your game. He is a top professional in the area and teaches the Mike Ausitn Golf, “the most efficient way to hit a golf ball”.

The Trackman Pro¬†launch monitor is the one that captures all he incredible data and visual replays you see on the PGA tour. We want to make this technology available to the regular golfer. We think that not only is the Trackman Pro the best tool for optimizing your driver and other clubs but is also a great help when taking golf lessons. One top 100 teaching pro has stated that “I won’t even bother practicing without it now”. Obviously he feels it is an essential learning tool.

At this site we will be telling you all about how the Trackman Pro is helping people get equiped better, and also learning to swing better through the use of the Trackman Pro.